Saturday, October 22, 2016

Here's To The Rear ~ TockTober Sunday Selfies

Well due to Petcretary's work schedule and a host of not kitty or doggy things going on around here, we missed the offurcial TockTober day...sigh...oh well, since its all about the *rear*, well, then being  a bit *behind* is OK we imagine. MOL/BOL!

Most of these derriere images were taken at late night...and a flash was furgive the strange colors and effects! But hey, its the spooky season so maybe they're fitting right in with that theme as well!

(Here you can see how scrawny our Minko is...but at least he isn't losing more weight...)

Now after all of those risque tocks....maybe you want to see some visages?? We thought so...these are lookback selfies from seasons past. Petcretary didn't have enough time to make newer ones...bedsides she said she was busy with tick-tocks, and she didn't mean the clocks here that truly do the tick tock stuff...she has to pull up the weights on them...else they stop!  But here we are...front ended instead of back ended...

An out-take!

And just for fun: Last year there was a pumpkin decorating event at Petcretary's work place. (It was just a fun time, they have events like this once a month...have contests and games etc...) She took some pictures but nobody has seen them here so here goes:
Several 'teams' made a whole lot of pumpkin decor!
This funny selfie Pumpkin Lady was made by Petcretary and other members of her 'team'...

 We had a similar event this year...but you will have to wait till next Selfie Sunday to see it...Tantalizing?? MOL! Along with others...why of course!! Even a Nellie Made one:)

Have a great week!

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Seasonal Oldie Selfies

Petcretary is working today, so she is digging up some oldie selfies with a seasonal flavor and flair to them...They are from 2010, when we were all a lot younger. Pipo looks about the same, Minko looks a lot fuller in the face since that was before he became chronically ill, and MrJackFreckles has a lot more color to his furs...but its still fun to take a look back now and then:)

There you have us..., silly and fun all wrapped up in the colors of October! And no we are not scary at all...(sorry about the light issues in some of them, they were taken with a much smaller and less 'complicated' camera...)
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cat In The Hat & In The Bag Selfies

Well, not the Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat, MOL! Now *that* would have been way fun:)

Anypaws, we won a gift package from Basil and his furmily. There was a Kraken tentacle, a kitty postcard, an kitty magnet, a tie, a knit hat for kitties  a knit kitty,  and a kitty shopping bag.
Thanks Basil, what a fun assortment of goodies!
We wanted to show you some of those prizes but we had to wait for petcretary and the sun. (Cause we don't have flash used in our pictures) Man oh man we have had lots of cloudy and rainy days...but um, we are not grumbling, we were not anywhere near this nasty Matthew who is/has wreaked havoc in so many places both here in the USA and in the Caribbean. We are purring for all those affected.
Yesterday we scored the sunny times and petcretary did not have to go to work...though she was gone a lot doing so called chores...

First the hat, with the tie and kitty which we decided should be ours since after all we are kitties, MOL! Petcretary says she may get it out again later this month, its orange and what better color in the fall and for the Halloween time and even Thanksgiving! Speaking of Thanksgiving...petcretary is missing out tomorrow on *her* Thanksgiving...she is Canadian, and will not be making any turkey or pumpkin dishes, cause well, she has to go to work. Even pawppy has to go to work, and its Columbus Day. Though don't expect any mail or the ability to do affairs in the bank, MOL! You will have to wait till Tuesday no matter if you live in Canada or USA.

And whoo-hoo! The Toronto Blue Jays have advanced to the next level in the run for the World Series in Baseball:) That makes for a furry Happy Thanksgiving fur Canadians evfurrywhere! Petcretary decided to root fur them since the Detroit Tigers did not make it into the playoffs:(

Well, you came to see the Cat(s) in The Hat, so here we are!

Minko really liked the crinkly wrapping paper too, so it stayed...but um, well it did render a peculiar hue to these images, MOL! We will just pretend its the sunbeams:)
Pipo was not in much of a selfie mode at all...
Back lighting is having strange effects, too!
Pipo just wants to ignore the camera...

Minko almost took a nap!
A Pipo stink eye, OMC!

Minko's Cat In The Hat selfie
Pipo's Cat In The Hat selfie...sort of,MOL!

MrJackFreckles said he wanted to try those on, too...
Hey, Growlmy! Is this a good selfie?? I think it is:)

This is how the Cat In The Bag started...Minko liked the kind of crinkly sound the bag made so...
Minko crawled into that sac and decided it was a good 'nest'...
Then he wanted to do another selfie...
Minko's Cat In The Bag selfie

Petcretary spent some more time at Basil's Blog, doing this weeks word search puzzle.
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