Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sharing Our Angel Furblings And Selfies, Too

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. That is to say we are remembering all of our angel furblings, no matter when they graduated to the Heavenly realms.

So we are also featuring them as selfies. All four of them.
We also send our hugs and purrs and licks to all those furmilies who are sad as they remember their angel furs too. We know there are many who have recently had losses, though this does not mean that the ones who became angel long ago are any less remembered. We nevfur furget any of them and they all live on in our hearts, to be cherished, treasured and loved forevfur.

This is Simba. Second kitty in this furmily, but the furst to become an angel...

This is Toki. He was such a clown. He adopted dog-guy as his own, MOL!He was the fourth kitty to join our clan...and the second to become an angel.

We had our own Groucho featured on Aug 26th, as that was his RB Day specifically. Furst kitty in this clan of six,and the furst kitty evfur fur the petcretary. Pawppy had 3 kitties before he met her...

And then...well, then there was Suki. A one of kind princess-diva, MOL! She thought she was the only kitty to matter, PMC! And she had a smacky paw fur kittens and pups alike,  tee-hee. She knew Groucho too, and met dog-guy, but was not at all impressed with that pup. She tried to boss Toki to no avail, and later she had nothing but hisses for Pipo & Minko. In fact she even shunned the petcretary for a while after those two young-uns came into our den, MOL!

Groucho, Suki and Toki ~ The only image of these three together. They were watching the neighbor's kitty, also a meezer called Breeze...he liked to roam and ours were jealous, MOL!
Well, there you have our angels, thanks for stopping by today. We send purr, licks and hugs to all furmilies with precious angels to remember and treasure.

Now here we are, at least the kitty contingent:
Trying to get a good double selfie is hard...Pipo tries to do some last second grooming...
Here, Pipo, let me wash that for you...
That's the best we are going to do today, MOL!
(The pinkish tinge is the reflection off the petcretary's three flags which all have a lot of red in them, esp the Canadian Flag, MOL!)

MrJackFreckles spent some time outside, the weather was mostly nice after a lot of heavy rain this week...seems like we either have too much of that commodity or not enough!
He also is the official Dirty Duds Digger in the Smoke & Joe Campaign, 2016, here is his badge:

I am offurcial in my tie! (Thanks Nellie)
He digs up any dirty laundry of candidates, to make sure it all stays good and clean, BOL! Howevfur he is sure that Smoke & Joe will not have much dirty duds to expose...they are too sweet fur that kind of thing:)


We hope you all have a great week! Next Sunday is the middle of Labor Day Weekend...the last weekend that marks the end of 'summertime' vacation. Wow, this summer went by so fast! The petcretary not only has to work that weekend as her regular schedule, but she has to work the holiday, too as it is 'her turn'. Oh well, it means some extra $$ so maybe she will buy us some good stuff, BOL/MOL!

We are remembering and hopping along with The Cat On My Head who host this weekly feature.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Groucho's RB Day

This is the day we remember that the petcretary's furst ever kitty graduated to the heavenly realms and became a sweet angel kitty.
Groucho came to our furmily as an adult, he was given up by his furst furmily who had to let him go due to the many health concerns of newborn twins who were coming home on respirators...poor dude, he was so scared of us for several days before eventually warming up. He was also the big loving brother of three other (also now angel) kittens, when they came to live with us and he outlived two of them....(Simba and Toki; only Suki lived after he left us.)

Tundra from Catster and her furmily made this beautiful memento for the petcretary. Thanks so much!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Selfies Sunshine On A Stormy Day

It was quite stormy here yesterday, buckets of rain and thunderstorms and even tornadoes north of here. Scary. We are all fine, and unscathed, but north of here there is lots of damage and power outages.
We hope and pawray thay all our furends are OK after all this unsettled weather, storms and floods and tornadoes, and now even a tropical storm. Yikes:(
Before the rain started, the petcretary managed to find some time to help us make selfies.

Sorry we have been still  a bit MIA for most of you,we are trying to catch up in bits and pieces as it were...
And we won't be here too much tomorrow either, unfurbro-the-younger celebrated two dozen years, and we are going to his place to celebrate with him, well, the peeps are while we manage the household for them, OMC/OMD!!

So here are those selfies:

We are hopping with The Cat On My Head

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Selfies!! Blog Hopping Selfies!

We are going to join the blog hop for selfies no matter how busy the petcretary is. We have pestered her all day to get at it, MOL! BOL!

Somehow she can't even find the time to keep up with all the many blogs. Right now there seem to be about 200 unread ones, yikes! She did answer a bunch in succession, but she'll never get done that way. This past week, evfurry time she had a day off, she had appointments, lunch with friends and a million and one errands. Saturday her and pawppy were gone all day long, they helped unfurbro-the-younger move from his schooldays apartment, where he had been for about 4 or 5 years, from his undergraduate days till completing his Master's Degree. (He moved to another city, where his new job is, about 70miles from the old apt.) So another day of no blogs.
Today she got up at 630am, and after getting ready and doing some dinner preps they left for church, got back ate dinner, and after a couple hours they left again. Got back about 8 pm and then after supper there sure isn't a ton of time left for blogs has nothing to do with saving our pages that task is long done, at least.
We missed some things like special days and such...pawlease furgive us. And we have not furgotten any of you we are just slowpokes, well the petcretary is.
She has to spend time outside watering all of the patio pots too. And her job, and other household least she finds the time to feed all of us, MOL/BOL!

Anypaws, eventually she will read the blogs, and comment on the newest ones, to sort of get a fresh start. So there might be some random comments here and there before we get to the newest ones is the petcretary thinks a comment is needed.

Pawlease bear with us in the meantime.

Oh yes, we got a lot of rain on Friday night. About 1 3/4 inches! But some peeps had way more, and even there were flood warnings for some areas in our state. We can say the rain came just in time before everything was shriveled up. Now the grass is mostly green, now we have to do the lawn mowing chores too...tee-hee. No rest for the wicked... Is the petcretary wicked?? We think not, MOL/BOL!

I'm glad there is shade from the hot sun around here, and that the grass is green again.

Pipo was not too interested in selfies today...

Minko thought he was being robbed of a nice nap...

We hope that eventually there will be better selfies!

Well, there would be if the petcretary helped us dig out some old ones to recycle!!

We are joined to the weekly Selfie Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Monday, August 8, 2016

Late...With Our Selfies...

Yes we are late, and not only that; the camera has not been seen too much around here either...though we don't really grumble too loudly about that, MOL/BOL!
The petcretary has been running here and there doing chores and errands, tending the patio garden, going to her work and trying to keep up with all the blogs and stuff like that. Not good excuses but whatevfur, we are now here with some selfies. Phew!
Speaking of phew, it was pleasant weather over the weekend, but now we are steadily getting hot and hotter...mid nineties predicted, OMC:(
How the petcretary hates hot weather.
And we are going to be doing house guard duty on Saturday as that is 'moving day' for unfurbro-the-younger, from his 'school days' apartment into his new 'working man' apartment about 70 miles distant.  That means the petcretary's van will be commissioned for this task. When the back seats are folded down there is a whole lot of room for transporting the worldly goods of a young man. It just had to be a hot day...sigh...something about blood sweat and tears...
Which means once again we likely will be late with our selfies or we might resort to a repeat, tee hee.

If any of you are on Catster/Dogster those sites are having their life lines unplugged on Wed Aug 10th...sob. At least the petcretary has saved evfurrything she deemed neccesary. But how on earth will she know how to make birthday cards or other occasions? She will no longer be getting the notifications that let her know, and even worse, that was the source of most of her images to make those mementos. Louder sobs...

She copied the dates of some of them, so she at least can send a note to them per email or blogs or FB...but it just will not be the same...sigh...sob...

Speaking of pictures, we hope we haven't missed anyone's spawsial day... when we catch up this time we are just going to woo/purr on the newest ones, though we will read them all. We really need to get caught up!

Anyways here are our selfies...nothing spectacular, just regular selfies taken from random photo sessions.

Not too interested in a selfie just yet, BOL!

Well, OK, then!
Kind of a real closeup selfie.

A selfie in the early morning sunlight.
We have joined up to the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Showing Off ~ Shades Of Summer Sunday Selfies

We are here today to show off, yup, sometimes we *can* do that, right??!

We joined up with Phoebe's Traveling Shades as started up by our furends from 15andMeowing.

And what better way to make selfies than to show off those shades. MOL!
Dog-guy  joined in too...but then he woofed these shades are not protecting my eyes from he made another selfie with proper fitting shades  ~  Hah!

Since mostly we think of shades for summer activity, we went to the seaside to make our offurcial Traveling Shades Picture...we wore shades, we traveled and we made selfies! Wow...busy furs we are this week, MOL/BOL!

We went to the sunny seaside to show off our shades!

This is our 'badge' of pawticipawtion for the Traveling Summer Shades 2016

Now we have to make sure the petcretary packs those shades back up and sends them on to the next kitties who get to enjoy them fur a while...maybe they will have some sunny days to make them usefur too:)
(There was even a booklet to let us put in our pawtographs...)
Speaking of sun. we had rain yesterday, glorious cool and delicious rain to give the parched earth a drink. It sure perked up our garden and made the green try to reappear in the lawn. This means the lawn mower will have to come back from its vacation...

We are joined up with The Sunday Selfie Blog-hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Sunday, July 24, 2016

We Are Back! Celebration Selfies!

We had to do a lot of things here in this we were not able to do our selfies posting last Sunday. Furst selfie week we have missed...oh well, here we are again!

We had to do a lot of work saving our pages from Dogster and Catster and Dog Channel and Cat Channel, as they are going to be closed down. Expunged from the cyber world forever, sheesh, how could they? It has ripped our hearts out and thousands of other we know are feeling the same. Anyways, now we are mostly done with that, and feeling better since they can't steal what we have on a separate hard drive, so there!

So we are here once again in the selfie mode. Why a celebration?? We are happy because tomorrow, July 25th is the 29th wedding anniversary of our pawrents. Hip-hip Hooray!
So here we are kind of dressed up and ready to have a celebration for them.

Its been really really hot around these parts, and truly dry...a drought. Our grass is like straw and all the garden plants were trying really hard with the water they got from the petcretary's watering can...but it just wasn't enough. We had about 1/2 inch of rain over the past 6or more weeks. Sigh. Last night however we had rain!! Lots of it! Hooray! Who would think we would rejoice about a wet day as it continues now...nope, we are glad!!
Maybe now we will have to get out the lawn mower, it had a vacation, LOL!

We are joined up with the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head