Sunday, May 28, 2017

Another Guest Selfie ~ (Tabbie O'TT Beware...), And Lots Of This And That

We have chosen a  burd selfie, but we are first warning the Tabbies O'Trout Towne, to beware...Shut your eyes ad move on to the rest of this post...
This Rose Breasted Grosbeak visits our feeder frequently, and he brings his wife too. One day they both were on the same feeder...but alas when petcretary got her camera out they were both gone. Burds just never sit still too long...And for some reason there are no pictures - let alone selfies of Mrs RBGrosbeak. She kind of looks like a huge sparrow, and has lots of stripes, but no rose coloring on her breast. (The quality of some of these are not the best, they were taken through the window glass and screen...)

Sharing with a nuthatch

An Immature Rose-breasted Grosbeak

It was Victoria Day here past Monday. Petcretary wanted to hang out  her Canadian Flag in honor of that festive day, but it was too rainy...
Here are some older graphics...many of you have already seen them:)  Being back from her Vacation means that she is working and doing lots of not kitty/doggy things...sigh...

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. A solemn day to honor our fallen heroes. So once we have taken time to think upon the price of our freedom, and only then...we can indulge in some holiday doings...but...petcretary is working this weekend. Go figure. Oh well, she doesn't mind that much; some of her residents are veterans and there are activities there for them too.

May 26th was the birthday of 2 of our furblings, now angels. Angel Simba and Angel Toki. No, they were not twins at all, MOL! They were years apart...but petcretary thought it was so right that they actually shared a mutual birthday. Angel Simba was the kitty here, {along with Angel)Groucho}, when our unfurbros were born. Angel Simba went unexpectedly and tragically to the RB when those unfurs were toddlers. So then we got (Angel)Suki and shortly after that came Angel Toki. He too was a kitty clown like Simba and he even got to go to school a few times:)

Angel Toki had to leave us, too, due to an overwhelming illness he had acquired and we coudn't help him...sigh...

Angel Simba

Angel Toki

Manytoes from Catster sent us these lovely mementos of these two Angel Kitties from our furmily.

Most of you know our good blogging friend, Miss Ellen from 15&Meowing. She sadly had to say goodby to her dear sweet Snowball, on May 26th.
So petcretary helped us make a memento for her, too.  Sheesh, so many losses lately. We send our love, purrs and soft aroos to all the sad hearts to help comfort them a bit.

We are hopping along with The Cat On My Head


  1. You're right there have been to many losses lately,xx Speedy

  2. WE like your bird pice. They are so clear!
    Your selfies and all the scrapbook pictures are pawsome!
    Well done.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Your graphic for Snowball is purrfection. Thanks for sharing all your previous Memorial Day graphics. and the photos of Simba and Toki. That Roser Breasted Grosbeak is amazing. Mom says she has never seen that bird around here anywhere...probably not its habitat. The photos are totally amazing and no apologies necessary. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  4. We wish you a very happy Memorial Day tomorrow , and it is wonderful to share your angels with us too, they are all very special.
    Purrs for a most excellent Selfie Sunday selection.

  5. Oh, the red on that bird is simply breathtaking! We don't have that specific variety in Oregon, and I'm a little jealous. We do have nuthatches, though. Kitties love to watch them hop, hop, hop down the trees in their search for insects.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  6. Mee-you mee finks youss' need TWO petcretariess there with so much newss to share!
    Wee had an all most quiet Victoria Day here; mye-nuss thee firewerkss that scared LadyMum an mee outta our furss!!! An wee tooked a moment of silence fur thee Veteranss' on Meowmorial Day all so.
    Yur Grosbeak birdss are berry tasty umm good lookin Pipo an Minko.....Mee has mee Freddy Sparrow back this year; hee iss on mee bloggie post all so. Mee wood luv to see a Nuthatch butt no treess bye our place....PHOOEY!!!!
    LadyMum *swooned* when shee saw Angel Simba'ss foto an mee sighed deeplee when mee saw Angel Toki.....such beeuteefull katss.... Mistur Jack hope yur feelin good now that good weather iss here!
    Sendin you lotss of <3 LUV <3 an ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  7. May 26th wuz when my family celebrated an angel's birthday too - Bevo. He wuz da furst orange kitty anyone had and da furst kitty Crockett's daddy ever had. He wuz dere when my momma and Angelique's momma wuz born - Angelique's momma duzn't remember him since he went to da RB when she was 3, but my momma wuz 6 and remembers him. She luved him so much and wuz convinced he kept her safe from ghosts (he used to sleep on her bed). He wuz a darker orange color like Crockett, but he had da super short hair and pointier more-Siamese type face like me. He wuz also a talker like I am and luved meowin.

  8. a happy birthday to your angels and a good memorial day... maybe the cute birds were sent from your angels to make their birthday to a special cute event?

    1. Now that *is* a sweet idea, Phenny! Love it:)

  9. The burd with the rosy feathers is so pretty but I'm sure the Tabbies of Trout Towne would have something DIFFERENT to say!!! Tee Hee Love all the patriotic photos of the kitties past and present. Lots of MEMORIES there and that's what these Memorial Days are all about.

    Love and Hugs, Teddy (and Angel Sammy too!)

  10. Thank you for the beautiful badge you made of my Snowball, I guess she wanted to attend your Angel Toki and Angel Simba's party in Heaven. They were both gorgeous kitties. I also love the badges for Memorial Day and Victoria Day, your Mom could get a job designing these. Great photos of the gross beak too, we used to get them at the feeders when we fed year round, but now we stop in the Spring because of bears, we just feed hummingbirds which surprisingly that food doesn't seem to attract the bears. XO

    1. You are very welcome. If making those memento pictures was a job there would be a lot less pleasure in it...

      Glad we do not have bears here...though a few years ago there was one in town...all lost and confused. MOL!

  11. Oh, dear, we've done posts two that almost had the Tabbies in heart failure over the ... uh, you know, the burds. it's nice to remember those furries who have passed. And we are sad for Ellen's recent loss of Snowball. Lovely graphics.

  12. That bird took a great selfie! We bet he had some help, right? ;)

    Happy Memorial Day!

  13. The bird photos are beautiful! We need some bird feeders! We do get some on our back porch and in our back yard sometimes though. We saw a cardinal just the other day!
    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day! And Happy Birthday to Angel Toki and Angel Simba!

  14. The Burd photos are wonderful! I only have chickadees at my feeder and they entertained Nellie (and Kozmo and Jo Jo when they visited) and you know what, I like watching burd TV too!
    I love your Memorial Day selfies and your memorial birthday cards for your furblings that are partying with Nellie1 And such a lovely card for Snowball! Yes, too many have gone OTB these last months.
    Love Barb

  15. SPECTACULAR birdie pictures! Made us chitter at them. And we loved the Memorial Day graphics... And happy memories of the angels.

  16. Wonderfur pictures of birdies. They are magnificat even through the screen. Dad is jealous. We love your Victoria and Memorial Day photos. You are always look great and Petcretary does a wonderful job. We send purrs of support and know your friends are watching over us all from the bridge.
    Hey we love Manytoes. When we can get in we still visit Catster. What wonderful memory photos he made.
    We love you all very much
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

    1. Catster/Dogster still a wonky kind of way...sigh.

  17. ooooo lookit the fev-vers!! yum. oops. we mean purrty

  18. Our Mama built a bird house out of wood in grade school especially for the rose-breasted grosbeak! What a thrill to see your lovely pics of them :)

    Thank you for your kind words of support.XO

    the critters in the cottage xo

  19. Fabulous BirdTV photos!! We want to subscribe to YOUR premium channel!

  20. Ya'll be lookin' handsum as always. big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  21. Hey guys we love the burd selfies, nom nom nom fur flying snak-paks! MOL

    Happy Victoria Day, Happy belated Birthday to Angels Simba and Toki and we loved your memorial fur Snowball, just beautiful.

    Big hugs and purrs

    Basil and co xox

  22. Thanks for stopping by for burd we mean Bird TV snap-shots.
    Now we have marauding squirrels, starlings, chipmunks and gophers(ground squirrels). Phooey.