Sunday, March 12, 2017

Guest Eddie And Other Mews For Sunday Selfie Time

Eddie is growing...and a tad wiser too by the look of things, BOL!

Eddie doing a guest selfie.

Eddie the wise old man-pup, BOL!

We had some nasty weather in our area this past week...but other than some limbs of our trees down and a brief power outage due to a tree that came down on our road, we were largely unscathed. There was a whole bunch of roofing material in our yard from the neighbor's  lean-to was sailing in the air like tissue paper! However just between the time that petcretary came home and when pawppy got in, there were lots more trees down in the city proper. The road was blocked in several spots, and the power is even now still out for some residents. Yikes! They had to open a warming shelter because it was very cold...this morning its 14F. We had gusts of winds at about 66 miles per hour. Some parts east of our state had category one hurricane force winds, Oh MY!

The weather today is beautiful...but we did not get the temp above 20F. Brrr...and the winds made it even colder...though they are not nearly as vicious as on the 8th. However being inside kitties we just snoozed in the nice warm sun puddles! Even dog-guy!

Tonight we are going to get gypped of an hour of our precious snoozing time. Sheesh. Why do they insist on this ritual each spring. We will be yawning for days and the residents at petcretary's nursing home will be out of sorts as well. Then when its bedtime a lot of them will not want to because it will still be so light...

Petcretary is feeling a bit sad today, because on Friday night at her work, one of her 'little old men' passed away. This always makes her sad, because those old folks become like family and she gets attached to them despite all their issues of dementia, and other foibles of old age. So this past few weeks there have been several deaths...but not when petcretary was at her work. That always makes it so much harder. So we all gave her extra purrs, wags and us kitties gave out headbonks too.

So now of course you want to see us, right?? Right!

Next time, though it will be after the fact, so therefore late, MOL; we will show you our St Paddys Day selfies....but ya'll just have to be having a bit o'patience OK??

We are hopping along with the hosts of the Sunday Selfies


  1. Eddy is mighty cute :)
    WE have had some nice weather then some really cold weather. We even got a dusting of snow!
    Mum says there is a storm coming on Wednesday too :o
    Good thing we are indoor cats.Only mum has to go out ;)
    We are sorry to hear of the passing of one of your mum's clients. That is always a sad thing.
    Good thing she has you three to come home to :) We love your selfies.
    Have a pawsome week!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. So glad that no one was hurt in your high winds and falling debris. Lovely warm selfies you have today, and Eddie does look ready to go take school classes, but what would it be in?
    Purrs, ERin

  3. Eddy is a cute pup alright,but yes we want to see you to,xx Speedy

  4. Lovely selfies! We had some weird weather here too.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. Nice selfies today! Your human has a sad job sometimes... how could she not get attached to the people she helps with?

  6. Beautiful selfies from all of you. I am sorry one of your Mom's patients passed away. Your Mom has a tough job, but I know she brings lots of joy to people in their last years. Eddie is a cutie. XO

  7. Eddie is a little cutie. All of your selfies are lovely.

  8. Happy Sunday Selfies! Good job getting your happy selfie faces in!

  9. Awww look at Eddy what a cutie! We think you had some great selfies!

  10. Lookin great as always! Eddie is a cutie pie.

  11. Crikey ..... glad you stayed safe in the storms. We are supposed to be hit by a doozy this arvo. I hope it's not as bad as they are saying it's going to be. Wow ..... look at little Eddie!! He sure looks a happy chappy, aye?? I'm glad you are giving extra attention to Petcretary. It's hard to lose someone you have become attached to!! Rest in peace little old man!!

  12. You boys are so handsum. Sorry your mommy has da sads. And we're sorry 'bout da weather. Dat sounds like some wind ya'll had. Mommy says your mommy can put her finger over da red eye button and dat might help ya'll like da camera better. Anyways, we're sendin' hugs and purrayers to you all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  13. Oh these are GREAT selfies! Sorry you had some storms through there - we're about to get 6-12 inches of snow starting tonight and hoping for NO tree damage. I'm sure it's tough on your petretary losing some of her "peeps" at work - it's always sad. You guys can cheer her up though I bet!

    Love, Angel Sam and Teddy

  14. Sending you (((hugs))) on the passing of one of the residents. I know from my father-in-law being in Sunrise for a few years, when he passed, ALL of the employees came to his funeral. They were like extended family to us. Glad the storm left you relatively unscathed........we lucked out, I was in the hospital having a lithotripsy that day, when I got home, I saw our power had been out (the clock was flashing on the microwave and stove), but ours thankfully came right back on. My sister-in-law was without power for a few days. That wind was "skerry!!!" Great selfies!!! xoxo

  15. Glad you made it through the big wind storm without any major damage. We're keeping an eye out for that blizzard that's headed our way from the west. Sometimes, though, those storms get pooped out by the time they cross the Great Lakes and reach us. Fingers and paws crossed. Oh, and ghostwriter knows about the little old people in the nursing home. You can get so attached to them! Seems this time of year there are always a few deaths. Last year they lost almost a dozen just to old age and end stage Alzheimer's.

    You kitties and pups look like you're doing OK. Stay warm! Spring is coming soon!

  16. Eddie is a cutie pie. Mes could kiss him to bits!
    Mes glad that yous guys made it through the storms OK and wes hopes that yous has not had any power outages.
    Mes happy yous guys knows how to cheer your Petcretary up. It is sad when somebody they like passes on. I know my human gets all weepy. We send your Petcretary love and strength.
    Many Kisses
    Nellie (and Mommy)

  17. What a wild week! I'm so sorry to hear about the weather and the losses you've experienced. I hope all of your adorable little critters smother you with extra love and attention this week.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  18. doodz & dawg dood...manee thanx again for de total lee awesum badgez; they look grate
    on me side bar...all sew...eye noe this commint haz nothin ta due with this post
    but eye wanted ta say thanx 777 bazillion timez for
    yur kindnezz two me & me familee last week ♥♥♥ lovez all wayz
    boomer ♥

    1. Awww. You are so furry welcome, Angel Boomer.

  19. I see a lot of US buddies are taking their time to get to spring! Get warm soon guys!

  20. All such adorable selfies. Seriously - you could all be models! Sorry to hear you got some icky and scary weather! Hope it warms up soon!!

  21. WOW, you selfies are absolutely STUNNING! Each one is purrfect! Good job by all.

  22. Hi friends! So glad to see you all keeping warm. We have the nice sun with the bitter cold. Kind of funny really. We send Mom Purrs of supurrt. Dad remembers that kind of loss as some nursing home patients would come into the hospital over the years. Then they would pass and that was sad. Dad says he took extra good care of them as many did not have anyone else.
    Want to see you St Patrick's selfies
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  23. Eddie is such a little sweetie - SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!! Loving all your photo's today, mew guys look totally terrific!

    Happy St Patrick's Day

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  24. Li'l Eddie's adorable!!
    You guys are rockin' the selfies too!!

  25. Thanks evfurryone for stopping by! Petcretary appawsiated the virtual hugs and love...and we loved the compliments:) Purrs and licks to all:)