Saturday, June 18, 2016

Box Day!! (Not To Be Confused With Boxing Day, aka Dec 26th)

Its Box Day for kitties!! We love boxes, esp Minko, boxes are like kitty magnets to him:)
Just get a box out to put something in and he is in it furst!
Or get one in the den with stuff fur the peeps (mostly), and he is right there to help unpack it to get inside *that box*!

Pipo usually has to wait to get the second look, MOL!

Now when meowmy wants us to have fun, she puts some good nip or fun toys in there and wheeeeeee! We are crazy-like in that box, OMC!

Boxes from here always bring smiles to the receiver:)

I think its time to find nother box!

Box Heaven!
These are boxes in boxes and on top of boxes, OMC!!

Contemplating life in a box!

After I sat and contemplated these boxes for a while, I noticed the plastic...OMC!!
Come to Minko!

Take that!
And this!

Lick before bitey!
I gotcha whapped alright!
No plastic tries to mess with me!
Don't worry pals, the Petcretary took this away from me after these pictures were made...spoilsport that she is,MOL!


Blue eyes...
Gets to enjoy the ...

Kind of an early selfie!

I am getting into the meh mode...

I detect trouble...
I think there is going to be some issues...

Pipo, I want to join you, OK?

Minko, NO!

Sheesh, that Minko always tries to spoil my fun times

Hey! I think there is only room for one kitty here.

 Dog-guy, aka MrJackFreckles, likes boxes too, wowee!


MrJackFreckles was the Dog of the Day on Dog Channel, where he has been a member since 2009. We are not active there anymore but we check in there once in a while...and on the 15th we got a message telling MJF that he was DOTD there, OMD!!
MJF has his page on Dog Channel, just click on this sentence to go there to see it.

The 15th was Flag day as well,  maybe that is why he got this 'award'. This has been his profile image there for a long time, BOL!
Someone there made these badges for him to display.
MJF Profile image on Dog Channel
MJF Badge/Plaque for being DOTD on Dog Channel on 6-15-2016
See you soon for selfies and Father's Day!!
Woofs, too:)


  1. Crikey ... I thought kitties were the only ones that went Cracker Barrel over boxes but Mr JF Sir likes 'em too, aye? How weird is that? They don't do a thing for me! I s'pose if there was a bunny in one I might get enthused ....

    1. Yup, even when I was a puppy, I slept in a box bed...with my buddy kitty Toki, LOL! Of ourse there was 'padding' in it...

  2. Pawsome boxes guys! You have lots and Minko still wants yours Pipo ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    1. Thanks!! And that is just what Minko does...all the time. Sheesh!

  3. Looks like you are all having fun with those boxes.

  4. love the photos!! Have to tell you, Cody would enjoy that plastic MUCH more than the box!! MOL!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Thanks!
      Pipo usually is the plastic chewer here, so Minko truly is being a silly!!