Sunday, July 23, 2017

Balloons For MrJackFreckles & A Silly Pipo ~ Selfies On Sunday

First of all we want to thank all who helped make a lovely card/album for Minko's Memory. It came in the mail a few days ago, along with yet more gifts. OMC! There was that sweet little album, its full of pictures and comments regarding Minko and his becoming an angel. Petcretary pored over that for a long time...
There was a huge image made into a canvas stretched out on a frame...Minko looks larger than he was in real  life! Wow! He stares out at us now from where he sits on the bookshelf:)
And also a large throw style blanket with many and various pictures of Minko over the years. How sweet! Pawppy and petcretary are on there too.

Petcretary wanted to make some pictures to show you those items, but since the weather was not cooperative, and when it was, she was working or out of the eventually she will.
For now she just wanted to thank whomevfur made those pictures and gifts for her. Such love in the blogging world and at her Catster Buddies on Facebook.

July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012  The basket comes from when Pawppy and petcretary got married in 1987!
On July 25th, Pawppy and petcretary will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Wow!
They are not doing much special other than exchanging some simple gifts and our unfurbros are taking them out to dinner. They have each other and much love so that is what counts to them.

When petcretary was really sick back in 2006/7 they were not sure many more milestones would be reached, but God granted healing and health, and here they are!! Wonderful!
And a couple years ago when pawppy was needing emergency surgery for a potential life threatening issue, God also granted full healing. How amazing. All of our prayers answered:)

So we have gone through for better and for worse...and the glue of love has taken us all the way through without coming undone. Of course we know without the hand of God in our lives this would not be this we praise God and give Him the glory for what He has done for us:)

I, Pipo, will give loud purrs to my peeps and some good hard headbonks, too!
I,  MrJackFreckles, will wag my tail like a propeller, and add a few good licks and woofs!

The other day, there was some strange whooshing outside...and since I, MJF am deaf, I didn't hear it. So I just followed petcretary outside, and OMD, there were two hot air balloons trespassing over my yard, so I had to bark all kinds of get lost woofs at them...and I bristled and barked some more, and I ran up and down my fence line to make sure they didn't dare return...and by golly, I still have it, cause they sailed silently away...well...apart from that whooshing...

Sheesh, all that barking tires me out!

Running to make sure I chased those balloons away...

They are almost gone...

Phew! This is my Post Balloon Chasing selfie!
Pipo was in the kind of cubby hole in petcretary's desk, and he was being kind of silly in his begging her to have some playtime or belly rubs...or more likely some of each, MOL!

I am a bit bored...

Time to put on my cute charms!

Will you play with me, petcretary?

She did, after I made this Sunday Selfie!

We are hopping along with all the others at The Cat On My Head, the weekly hosts of this feature.

By the way...Petcretary got a notice from Photobucket, that apparently we are in violation of some rue about third party reposting, like when we put things we have there in our blog, or when furends send us images for us to post. That is why you now see big horrible notices in some of our blog pages...sheesh:(
If you have sent us things that were in Photobucket, could you resend them as originals so that petcretary can save them to her own files and then repost them in our blog? Thanks! (and we are not going to ever use PB again...sigh...)


  1. How exciting with all those balloons,congratulations to your parents,xx Speedy

  2. WOW! You sure do have it if them big things ran off, I hope you had a good rest and a hearty meal once you to back in? Now who could resist such a charming invite for a play and belly rubs, and a selfie seems a fair exchange too.. Have a lovely week.
    Purrs. ERin

  3. What great selfies you've taken this week!
    Oh my a big concats to your pawrents. That is a wonderful milestone for them and we are glad they are celebrating 30 wonderful years together.
    Those balloons were fantastic!

  4. What pawsome pictures you share with us today!!!
    You and MJF are so good looking.
    We wish your folks a very Happy 30th Anniversary too!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

    1. We want to thank you for the wonderful Gotcha Day pictures you made for us.
      Sadly mum was late checking her e-mail, but we will add thenm to that post :)

  5. I would be barkin dose balloons too!

    Happy anniversary to your peeps!

  6. Happy Sunday, and happy anniversary to your humans!

  7. Ya'll be lookin' gawjus. Happy anniversary to you mommy and daddy. We hope their day is as pawsum as thier life together. We think it's wonderful they've been together so long and here's to lots more years to come. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Happy anniversary to your Mom and Dad.

    Thanks for joining us for the anniversary of Allie and Mauricio.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Congratulations to your parents on their coming anniversary.
    Well done on telling those big scary balloons to go away, Mr JF.

  10. Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary to your pawrents!

    Abby T. Lab

  11. Happy anniversary to your parents! I am thankful they both survived life threatening medical issues. Nice selfies. And great job scaring those hot air balloons away MJF! You are safe with my photos, I have never used photobucket. XO

  12. Hope your Mom and Dad have a happy anniversary! Those balloons were beautiful - I haven't seen one up close yet but Angel Sammy used to all the time as they launched from the nearby school frequently. Maybe one day!

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. fabulous selfies... the basket photo is such a sweet one... we love that the basket is with you... it is a souvenir of such a wonderful moment and it casn be a time machine to watch it and to remember this special day...

  14. your gift sounds sooooooooooo thoughtful and AMAZING!!!!! Congrats on 30 years tomorrow!!!!! OMG hot air balloons right by your house? So cool!! Love, love, love your photos!!! xoxo

  15. Wow! Mr. Jack Freckles, you sure scared those giant balloon things away! How brave can you get?

    We hope your Mom and Dad have a great anniversary celebration!

  16. Mee-you Mistur Jack you still "got IT" mee furend!!! well dun!! Thee balloonss are HUGE....mee wood bee barkin all so...oh wait, mee iss a kat....mee wood try to bark anyway!!!
    An yur Selfie iss furabuluss Mistur Jack. Pipo yur selfiess are amazin! LadyMum was strokin thee screen an 'oohinn an aahinn' over thee fotoss...shee iss so funny...
    Happy 30 yearss married to yur Pawentss all so...simple wunderfull...
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  17. Photo but let has made beef changes..we did a Google search a few days ago and found out the site now wants $400.00 a year as payment to post to third party sites. So all of our backgrounds we made over at Catster and used PB to hold and get code for is now gone! We would love to learn how you do your own backgrounds on here..that would be kewl fur us kids! We want to wish your Meowmy and Pawpy a most wonderful Happy Anniversary!

  18. doodz...happee earl lee annie fursary to yur mom N dad N heerz two another 30 anda yeer
    a head filled with happee nezz N healtheez ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ all ded fotoz rock two day guyz N we total lee lovez that baskit.....we bet brother wood like it when him getz wed ~~

  19. Mr Jack scared those balloons off for sure! Those are some pawsome selfies too. We love them! And Happy Anniversary to your peeps. 30 years together is wonderful!

  20. Photobucket are a bunch of brainless creeps and we hope they get their just deserts *spit spit* We also hope you get your pictures. #WiddleOnPhotoBuckkit

    Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad, I am so glad we know you, even if its just via the Sunday Selfies. We hope you have a lovely celebration and maybe a glad of bubbles to toast your blessings.

    Happy Sunday Selfie

  21. Happy Anniversary, "Petcretary" and "Pawpy"!!! Big head bonks and concatulations! your furs are very lucky to have you and we thank you for sharing them in your blogs and pictures. I raise my paw to you in a toast to your health and happiness. Biggest purrs, Meep

  22. Happy 30th Anniversary to your peeps. We think the balloons were a lucky sign from above, mr JF💖Pawkisses for a wonderful Day and 30 extra for the occassion😘❤😻

  23. OMC what a milestone and fur you two it is not even close to a millstone ;) We are so glad to have known you all for quite a time and gone through good and bad sending our love during all. MJF you did a grand job protecting the home from those pesky balloons. Pipo you are one of our favorite blogging kitties always bringing a smile to our cat lips.
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

  24. Happy Anniversary! What a joyous occasion!
    And Mr Jack are pawsome at scaring away balloons!
    Pipo, adorably handsome, I just want to snorrgle you!
    Love Barb

  25. Great 30th to your pawrents! And purrs to good memories of Minko...

  26. I will do some checking about video for you. We will see if we can get something hosted for you!

    Worry not there is always a way!

    Marjorie and Silver
    Dash Kitten